Covenant of Peace

  • I solemnly affirm that I shall not collaborate with all those who are persecutors and mischief monger at the cost of Islam.

  • I abhor who commit suicide bombing at the holy shrines, institutions and streets etc.

  • I shall not cooperate with those who commit persecutions at the name of Islam.

  • I shall not cooperate with terrorists and all these institutes who nurse terrorism.

  • I shall continue striving for welfare harmony and peace in the society.

  • I shall induce my friends and colleagues for promoting peace, human tolerance and perseverance in the society.

  • I shall endeavor to identify all those elements who indulge in jeopardizing the peace and harmony in the state so that all the people may live peacefully in the society.

May almighty Allah encourage us for the sake of his holy prophet to abide by this treaty in whole of the life. (Ameen)

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